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7 of the Best Reasons Why So Many Moms Blog

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Have you ever thought of starting a blog of your own? Or, why so many millennial moms blog?

Having your own little space of the internet where you can write about whatever you want, whenever you want.

Whether you want to put in a ton of hard work to make a little extra income, grow it to become your full time job, or just have a creative outlet and a place to feel like you are connecting with other adults.

Starting a blog would be the thing you would want to do, especially as a stay at home mom!

Am I right?!

We need some more adults to connect with after only being around little kids all day long!

Having a blog is also fun, challenging, and you get to be creative! Who wouldn’t want that?!

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My blogs are the one place I can go to and feel at peace.

It helps remind me of who I was before I was a mom and how I used to love to write; and work my butt off in college.

It was nice to find a little bit of my old self, again.

I couldn’t imagine having to give up blogging, it would be like giving up the last little strand of myself from before I had kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, I would do anything for them. In fact, I started my first blog in hopes of bringing in extra income so I can give them a better childhood. But, sometimes it’s nice to just be me once in awhile.

I enjoy writing, figuring out technical things, and staying on a schedule; apparently, I honestly enjoy working my butt off and trying to make a difference in the world!

I know not everyone likes working hard, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment!

But, enough about why I love writing and why I started my blog. Let me give you a few reasons why you should start a blog!!

(These reasons are not in any particular order.)

Community and Support from Other Mom Bloggers

If you’re not apart of this blogging world; you are missing out!

Seriously, you are. You need to subscribe to some blogs right now that you’re interested in. Go ahead, do it now. This post will be here when you’re done. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

In fact, you should subscribe to mine

And, join my Facebook Group, too! Facebook groups for blogging are amazing. Just don’t go looking for drama!

Wanna know how I know this?

Because that is how I got started with wanting to start my own blog.

I subscribed to other blogger’s sites, and they were so positive and inspirational. I’ve never received so many emails from such inspiring people before.

Bloggers, in general and including myself, will completely support you as much as we can!

We will be your cheerleaders when you’re starting out and help you out along the way with your blogging journey and just life.

Yes, it’s a journey and not a destination. I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop blogging; it’s mine and it gives me a creative outlet and a place to connect with adults (this may not be the last time I bring this up, it gets a little lonely being a stay at home mom).

As for the HUGE learning curve that comes along with learning anything brand new; there are quite a few exceptional bloggers who have figured this whole blogging thing out, and whom share their knowledge about it, just as I do

Our reason for sharing so much is to help you succeed!

For the past 3 years I have been taking courses, downloading and going through printables, workbooks, ebooks, and videos; free and paid, to learn all I can!

And, I’ve got to tell you, some of the cheaper ebooks and courses, like under $50 can be quite comparable to the more expensive courses.

Some of the courses are more of a guide and helping you with what path to take, but have you figuring out how to do what they tell you to, on your own.

Whereas others will outright tell you what to do to be successful, step by step. In all honesty, I like those the most. The straight forward courses that are easy to implement right away; not the ones where I have to guess if what I’m doing is right or not.

The biggest example of a course that is more so a path, would be EBA. It covers the theories super well, but leaves you to learn many things on your own; giving you an almost skeleton of what you should do.

Courses that give you step by step instructions and don’t leave too much guessing room, would be ones such as;

Reduces Mom Stress

You read that right!

You can actually reduce stress in your life by writing on your blog!

That is, if you enjoy writing.

Writing is very therapeutic!

It’s the way us introverts vent and speak to the world (without actually having to speak). And, venting is a great way to relieve stress, whether it’s writing or venting to some one in person.

Blogging helps us refocus on what’s important in life; kids, healthy food, not having our heads explode from the chaos around us all day as a SAHM! Like when your kids work together to paint the younger of the two green, like a baby hulk!! Don’t ask…

This is important stuff!

Everyone needs a way to let out some steam once in awhile.

For me, it’s writing, or blogging; being creative and being challenged.

Yep, having a challenge, whether technical or something else helps reduce my stress! Are you the same way?

If you are looking for some other ways to ease the chaos around you as a stay at home mom, check out: 

How to Find Peace as a Stay at Home Mom

5 Reasons Your Child (and You) Need a Daily Schedule

and 3 Simple Ways to Have Good Days with Little Ones

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Having a blog and putting yourself out there, especially as an introvert like me, will also help you grow as a person, which can reduce future stress!

For example, I was apart of an online virtual mom summit a couple years ago. And by ‘being a part of’, I mean actually presenting! This was a huge step in my personal growth that I would not have had an opportunity for otherwise!

It was actually terrifying, I felt like I had failed, and I felt sorry for the person who put it on because I felt like I was the weak link in it. But, I learned so much of what not to do while being on video;

  • don’t talk super fast
  • be sure not to drink a starbucks double shot before I film myself to get my energy up and feel excitable
  • don’t freeze on a Facebook live and not say anything because no one showed up to ask questions
  • don’t write 20 (literally) pages of notes and read directly from them
  • be sure not to psyche myself out

So, it may not reduce stress initially for some things, but it will make those things easier to do in the future, because we learn better from our own fails than from simply reading about others.

To Finally Be Heard (as a mom, as a woman, etc.)

Not that we’ve ever been in a situation where people ignore us, or anything…

But, if you’re not an introvert like myself, then maybe you want to be heard loud and clear! Or, if you are an introvert, but you want someone to finally listen to you, instead of ignore you.

You have a message to say and you can’t wait another minute!

If this is the case then head over to SiteGround NOW (this is the host I have used and highly recommend for beginners) and sign up for some hosting for your new site and your domain name (website address).

Or, start a youtube channel, or a podcast; whatever it is that you feel is right for you!

But, if you are like me and like keeping to yourself but you still want to be heard, on your own terms of course; blogging can be a safe way for you to keep your distance and be heard when you would like to.

It’s your website; you call the shots!

If someone reads what you have to say and leaves a mean comment, you can delete it (or not even approve it in the first place).

This is your space, you own it, and it’s something that you can use to share whatever message or information you would like to share! Just don’t steal other people’s content and try to show it off as your own. It’s not legal, and it’s simply not nice; just don’t do it.

I’m kind of disappointed that I had to add in that last paragraph. But, I keep seeing in blogging facebook groups, that one blogger has stolen other bloggers content, photos, or optins, and are trying to show them off as their own; you know, drama. Or, that someone else stole someones ‘idea’ for an optin or pin design, or something else.

And, I don’t like it.

First of all, you can’t really steal an idea; if you wanted to write a post about why moms blog, go ahead, you can write about the same idea. Just don’t copy and paste my post onto your site. That would be stealing, and you would get a DMCA letter sent to you to remove it, and if you don’t then I’d have to go through your host, and that would just give both of us a headache. So, please, just be nice and don’t steal from others. But, an idea itself can not be copyrighted.

To Make an Income from Home

money with text overlay "make income from home

If you have heard of blogging before, maybe as a way to make some quick cash, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble!

It can take a lot of time and effort to build a profitable blog. I’ve heard the ‘normal’ range of time it usually takes to be making a full time income blogging is between 3 and 5 years. And, from my experience, that seems just about right.

It could be sooner, but unless you don’t work and don’t have kids, it’ll take you more than a few months to build a blog with enough posts and views to make any money off of it. And, since we’re talking about moms who blog, that’s not going to happen!

I made absolutely nothing my first year blogging.

My second year blogging, I made some money, but I had way more expenses than I did income.

My third year blogging, I just about broke even.

I know I’ll be profitable this year, but it’s taken me 3 years of hard work and tons of learning to get there.

But, this time frame is alright with most moms. during this 3-5 year time period where we may not be making money; we’re also caring for little ones. We’re setting ourselves up to work for ourselves so that we won’t have to go ‘back to work’ once the kids are in school.

However, this is a long time frame and is why you also need to have a strongĀ why to blog, that isn’t just to make money!

A great mindset goes a long ways, too!

To Inspire Others

One of the best things about blogging is having the opportunity to inspire others! And, us moms need it the most + we’re the best at doing it!

Whether you have an amazing recipe to share, or a story about how you were able to overcome some type of obstacle! Blogging is how you can share that story, or recipe, with others and have them keep reading what you have to write!

There is no better feeling than to inspire others! So many other bloggers have inspired me to do my best in every aspect of my life; healthy eating, parenting, organizing, and so on.

I feel like I need to give back and inspire others. Keep the inspiration and positivity going!

At my last ‘out of the home’ job before becoming a stay at home mom, my supervisor was all about having everyone stay positive. I’m not sure if she read blog posts or subscribed to bloggers email lists. But, she was all about being positive and trying to inspire us to stay positive.

Blogging and having blogger mentors is kinda the same. Except, being the person, the blogger, who shares inspiration with others, is about 10,000 times more fulfilling!

To know that you wrote something that will change someones life for the better, or help them with whatever it is that they are struggling with; that is what blogging is all about!

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To Have More Purpose in Life

This goes along with the last reason why moms blog.

Except, if you’re a stay at home parent, having a blog may mean more to you than others. At least, that’s how it is for me.

It can be challenging to be home all day with no adult interaction. It gets lonely, and you start to think that you put all that effort into earning your college degree for nothing. (Luckily, I went to school for psychology; super useful for caring for little ones at different developmental stages!)

But, having a blog gives you a voice; a voice that you may never have had before. It can give you a sense of hope and a way to connect with other adults. A way to use your college degree to actually help others (didn’t I say your blog is yours and you can do with it what you want).

It can help you from losing your mind by helping others not lose their mind, if that’s what you like to write about!

Sharing real life experiences with others to know and let other stay at home parents know; they are not alone. That their kids are not the only ones who does what they do. Kids can do some pretty strange things, so it’s nice to know that your kids aren’t the only ones! (Like how they love watching other kids play with toys on youtube.)

Be Successful

Having a blog can also give you a platform for much bigger things!

Want to write a book? Create a blog! Use your blog as a platform to promote it on.

For example, my favorite cookbook (that I own a physical copy of) is The Oh She Glows Cookbook. The author of the cookbook started off as a blogger! One of the tofu recipes in her book was the first tofu recipe that I’ve ever made and actually liked, so I think she’s just amazing, lol!

Want to get into speaking at conferences? Blogging can be the doorway to that, as well!

Creating online courses to teach your unique skills? Same for that!

When it comes to blogging, there’s an infinite amount of ways to go with it and grow your blogging career into something you could have never imagined otherwise!

It can be amazing what opportunities can pop up for you, you simply have to put yourself out there!

Or, you can take little baby steps if you feel more comfortable with that.

That’s the great thing about blogging; you get to go at your own pace! The first step being: starting on a self-hosted site, all your own! Which is what myself and so many other moms have done.

You’re the boss!

You call the shots!

That is Why So Many Moms Blog!

Deciding on whether you want to start a blog or not, though, can be a hard decision. It doesn’t have to be, but it can be.

If you’re going to start it purely for the money, as a get rich quick kind of thing; then I’ll have to tell you to not go for it. Maybe try freelance writing, instead, if you like to write.

Having a successful blog requires a lot of work, a lot of writing and technical work, graphic design, organization, and many other skills.

Or, money to invest in outsourcing the work you don’t like or aren’t that great at.

Being a blogger and running a blog is literally running your own business. You need to have that type of mindset to really succeed.

You should spend at least 20 hours a week working on aspects of your blog to stand a chance at turning it into something you’ll be proud of.

Even if that means you have to wake up early or stay up late.

Honestly, with 3 kids, I feel like I work a rotating schedule for my two blogs. There will be some days when I’m up at 4am to work while my 6 month old plays quietly. And other days where I stay up til 12 or 1am while everyone else is asleep, just to make some progress.

If you have the time and love to write, and maybe need a way to escape the chaos in your life; then I would highly recommend you start a blog and keep at it. Join us other mom bloggers!

It can be so rewarding, whether you make money with it or not. It’ll be worth all the time and effort!!

If you want to subscribe to my blog, sign up here; you’ll receive a couple of free resources and then I’ll send you more useful emails once a week, or so!

Go ahead and share in the comments why you started your blog if you already have one set up!! Or, share what is holding you back from starting one!

And, feel free to contact me if you need any help getting a blog set up!

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