My Blogging Spreadsheets!!

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Trying to Find Something That Should Ideally Take Two Seconds to Find!?

Are you sick of being so unorganized blogging and it slowing you down, but don’t even know where to start to fix it?

Do you feel overwhelmed when someone asks you for a link to a post?

Lose your login info to get into your blogging tools?

Do you have so many blogging courses, ebooks, and more; it’s difficult to keep track of what you have and what you don’t?

If so, then you NEED these spreadsheets!!

From all your post links, Pinterest descriptions, and affiliate information in one place to so much more!

Make blogging less overwhelming, keep everything you need in one place!

Don’t get stuck searching for a course or ebook you thought you had, know for sure where it is and how to get into it!

AND stop wasting time finding links you need, so you can get back to why you started blogging in the first place!!

Get it now!


These spreadsheets were designed and fine tuned for that past two and a half years, with staying organized while blogging in mind! Practicality and user friendliness were at the heart of these spreadsheets!

Whether you simply need a place to keep all of your post titles and links, with Pinterest descriptions and your main google keyword.

Or, you want a place to keep all your blogging information organized.


Us bloggers have so much to do already, don’t take away your precious time by spending five or more minutes searching your own site for a post link; take two seconds instead, to bring up your spreadsheet (use ctrl F to search) and copy/paste the link!

Stop searching through your emails for the link to get into the course you wanted to start going through next; go get the login link and info from your spreadsheet!

If you want to stay organized online and run your blog more efficiently, like real bloggers do, then you’ll want to grab these spreadsheets!!

Finally, know what it would feel like to:

  • not have to click the ‘forgot password’ link every time you try to login into something
  • submit a post to a roundup request within seconds
  • have 100’s of your post ideas at your fingertips
  • have easy access to your affiliate links to make more sales
  • and so much more!

How would it make you feel to know that you are saving so much time not trying to find things in 20 different documents?

To be able to link to your posts and affiliates in new (and old) posts within seconds, instead of searching for those links for 5 minutes!

That is the relief you will get by grabbing these spreadsheets!

Get it now and start organizing your blogging info now!

Grab NOW!!

These spreadsheets include pages for:

  • login info and direct links to blogging tools and social media
  • Blog post ideas
  • Your Editorial Calendar
  • Post and Page links (+titles, keywords, descriptions)
  • Optin Information and links
  • Top Pins, boards + descriptions, and group boards
  • Affiliate information and links
  • Ad network login
  • Sponsored networks logins
  • Login + Direct Link to all the ecourses you paid for
  • Location and name of all ebooks and other resources you have!

+ You can fill out the spreadsheets on your computer, phone, or tablet!! (Just download the Google Sheets app.)

Buy Now!!!

*This is a digital product, nothing will be mailed or shipped. So, you can start getting your blogging resources organized ASAP!

Not sure you’ll use these?
Get two free sheets here to try them out!