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How To Choose A Blog Name (Simple Step by Step Guide)

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This is your simple step by step guide on How to Choose a Blog Name!

Choosing a blog name isn’t easy!

Unless you have a name picked out in your head that you absolutely love and no one has used it before.

But, for most of us, that’s not the case, and it can be a daunting task to choose a name. Especially if we don’t want to completely rebrand in a year or so!

Choosing a blog name is hard because;

  • You have to love it, it’d suck to choose a blog name you don’t like.
  • It needs to be unique, as in no one else is using it as a url or on social media.
  • It represents you.
  • You may want to consider searchability when choosing a name.
  • You may be unsure if you should use your own name or not.
  • You’re unsure how important is the name of your blog.

 And, of course, there are more reasons why it’s difficult to choose a name, and why it’s so important to get it right the first time around. But, I’ll try not to overwhelm you!

Let’s go over those issues and through the process of choosing a blog name, so that you’ll have a clear path to take for choosing a blog name. You know, so it won’t take the better part of the month to figure it out!

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how to choose a blog name

Wondering “Should My Blog Be My Name”?

Choosing a blog name is a personal choice, especially when you factor in the option of using your own name for you blog.

I know some bloggers who do this. In fact, the one who comes to mind is Caroline Vencil from And, I know she’s a successful blogger. She even created the bootcamp that helped me triple my traffic a few years back. Her niche is in saving money and making money. 

Personally, I have not chosen to use my own name as my blog name, and will most likely never rebrand to my own name, either. It’s simply not for me. I’d rather my blog names relate to the topic that the blog will be about, and send a clear message about what the site is about.

However, if you are going to choose your name as your blog name, your work here is done. Now go on to Step Four, below.

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What is Your Blog Going to Be About

The first thing to consider before choosing a blog name, is what you’ll be blogging about.

Your blog will have a certain feel to it when readers come to it. That feel starts the moment they click over to your post, and generally the first thing they will see is the url and the blog name; not just the post.

You don’t want a calm and positive parenting blog with the blog name ‘Why I Wine’. That gives off the opposite vibe of what you may be looking for. Or, a vegan food blog with the word ‘butcher’ in it. 

What you blog about doesn’t have to influence what you name your blog; but from an SEO perspective, it sure doesn’t hurt!

*SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, using proper SEO helps your blog get seen on Google and/or Pinterest.

You’ll want your readers to know what your blog is about when they get to your site, before they start reading. And, the best way to help them understand what it’s about, is by your blog name.

The next best aspects that help your readers understand what your site is all about is through your tagline, menu, branding, and post titles. But, we’re not getting into those here.

Blog Name Examples

For example, my first blog is Stress Less Be Healthy.

The name could be much more specific than that, but I was still ‘finding my niche’ at the point that I created it. And, this name was a rebrand from ‘That’s Called Life’.

Can you tell that when I started to blog I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to write about!

When I rebranded, I knew I wanted to write about healthy eating and not stressing as much as a stay at home mom. I’m a bit of a health nut, and am quite familiar with stress, not only because I’m a mom, but also because I studied psychology in college.

Now, for my second blog, this one (Learn Grow Blog), I had a much easier time choosing the name!

I still went through all the steps below, but my aim was to make sure I had ‘blog’ or some form of that word in my blog name, so it would help with SEO and making it obvious what this blog is about.

Let’s go over the process I went through to come up with my blog names.

step by step

Step one: Figure Out What The Blog Will Be About

We covered this and the importance up above, in the examples.

Step Two: Brainstorm Words That Relate to Your Blog Topic

Once you know what your blogs topic is, next is to get a piece of paper, or anything you have, to write something down on, or brainstorm; write down as many words you can think of that relate to the topic.

If you can think of very short phrases you might like, write those down, too.

Once you have all your words and short phrases written down, move on to step three.

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Step Three: Start Putting Words Together

Be creative and come up with as many blog names as you possibly can using the words you wrote down. 

No judgement here, they can be cute names, silly names, serious, anything you want. The more, the better!

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of names you have created, it’s time to move to the next step.

Before you move on, make sure you have at least ten different names. You’ll see why in a minute.

Step Four: Check Domain Availability

Sometimes you’ll think of a great blog name, one you really want, that sounds really good. It sounds slightly familiar, and like it would be awesome to name your blog that. And, turns out that name sounds familiar because it is, someone else is already using it. 

That is why this step is super important, and why you should have at least ten blog names to check.

Luckily, there’s a good chance all the names you picked out won’t already be taken.

Check the availability starting with the name you like most, and then go through them from most to least liked.

Cross off any names already taken, or that you really just don’t care for, to help you narrow your choice.

To check availability of a blog name for it’s url, simply go to any domain host or website host and type in the url as if you’re about to get hosting. No need to go through with purchasing hosting, yet. That doesn’t come til you check a few more places.

I suggest to start with your favorite blog name choices, and then if they’re not available, move on to your other options. You can always add more names to your list to check as they pop into your head.

At this point, you may also need to consider if you want a .com, or if you’re alright with having another type of site, like a .org, .ca, .net, or something else.

In my own personal opinion, I’d say not to settle for anything other than a .com. Reason being, what if someone else owns the .com of the blog name for their own blog and writes about the same topic. Your audience may get confused and go to their blog instead. There also may be legal issues that arise, especially once you get into product creation and making money. So, just save yourself the headache later, and choose something else now.

social media

Step Five: Check Social Media Availability

Once you know the url for your blog name is available, check all social media handles, to make sure you can claim those as soon as you claim your domain.

I don’t care if you have no plans right now to use a certain social media platform for your blog, just check to make sure the name is available. 

Who knows, you may eventually want it, and if it’s already taken, that’s going to really suck. 

At the very least, you’ll want to make sure your blog name is available for these four platforms:

Now, depending on where your readers hang out online, there may be more social media platforms for you to check. But, these are the main ones to make sure your blog name is available on.

For Twitter, you may need to do a shortened version of your blog name depending on how long it is. Example, my twitter handle for Stress Less Be Healthy is @stresslessbh because there were not enough available characters for the whole name.

If the name isn’t available for one of those four platforms, you may want to reconsider your blog name. Especially if the one it’s not available on is going to be a big part of promoting your blog, such as Pinterest. If that’s the case, go back to step four and repeat.

You don’t have to, but it’s something to consider.

If your blog name is available for all these platforms, and any others you may use, move on.

Step Six: Think On It

Now, you found a blog name that’s available everywhere you need it to be, so why think on it?

Because, a rebrand is annoying and frustrating, so if you can avoid it by taking some time to think on it now, it’ll be worth it!

Some questions to think about:

  • What feel will this blog name give to readers when popping over to my site?
  • What would my branding and logo look like?
  • How will I feel when I tell people about my blog, using the blog name?
  • Will people know right away what my blog is about? Or, will I need a strong tagline that tells them?
  • Does the blog name have a keyword in it that I would eventually want to rank for?
  • Do I like the name?
  • Would it make a good business name?

Basically, does it make sense for you to choose the name you picked out and is available?

*At any time, feel free to go back to checking availability if another blog name pops into your head that you might like.

decide; choose your blog name

Step Seven: Make a Decision and Claim It

Once you have chosen a name and spent some time to think on it, hopefully just a day or a few days, not a week; go ahead, make your decision and claim your domain name, along with all social media handles that go with it.

When purchasing, yes you have to pay for it, your url for your blog name, you have two options; purchase it along with your hosting for your website or purchase it separately. 

The benefits to purchasing it with your webhosting are:

  • One company/login to worry about
  • One less thing to worry about
  • Your host won’t need login info for another company to make sure everything is set up how it should be
  • Less confusion 

The benefits to purchasing your url separate from your webhosting:

  • You may get a better deal for certain things (free whois protection?)
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your url if you switch hosts
  • Makes switching hosts easier
  • If you aren’t sure when you’ll have time to start blogging, you can claim your url for a smaller price than purchasing webhosting, as well

Personally, I use namecheap for my domains (urls). It was a little cheaper than buying through my host and has features for free that many hosts don’t provide for free, such as the whois data protection. 

The whois database catalogs information about website owners, if you don’t have the protection for this, then anyone who knows your website url can find out personal information about you, such as your full name and address. Not something you want anyone online to know!

Again, once you have purchased your domain name (url), be sure to claim all social media handles, as well!

I hope this answers you question on “How do I choose a URL for my blog?”

If you still need help choosing a blog name, ask for more help in the comments!

Then, you can get started on your blog!

For more information on how to get started, and how to set up your professional looking email address, read How to Start a Blog for Beginners; Step by Step

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how to choose a blog name

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