How to know how often to write blog posts as a new blogger

How to Know How Often to Write Blog Posts as a New Blogger

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Are you a new blogger and wondering how often to write blog posts as a new blogger?

Or, maybe you’ve been blogging for awhile but aren’t seeing the success you’d like to see, yet!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

So many of us bloggers start off thinking we’ll find success within the first year because we’ve ‘seen’ the income reports and the case studies of ‘news bloggers’.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but for most of us, it takes a few years before we start to see much income. Especially those of us who are strained for time, like moms or people still working full time jobs.

I understand it can be frustrating not seeing the growth you like with your blog, and the number of posts you publish could be the reason for your slow growth. I’m not saying that it absolutely is, but it could be.

But, the number of posts you publish will really depend on how much time you have to put into your blog, what other tasks need to be done for your blog at the stage you’re in now, and whether or not you schedule out posts or hit publish button the minute you’re done. Ideally, it should be around 3 posts a week.

So, maybe you’re still wondering ‘Ok, so, for me, how often to write blog posts is right?’

Let’s look at a few examples and some criteria to help you determine how often YOU should post to YOUR blog!

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How to know how often to write blog posts as a new blogger

How Much Time Do You Have For Your Blog?

This is the main determining factor for how many posts you should write, for many bloggers.

If the time you have for working on your blog is limited to an hour or two a day, and say it takes you four hours, all the way through, to create a blog post; then you can’t really write more than two posts a week.

Let alone write more than two good pieces of content a week! 

And, that’s not even considering any other blogging tasks you have, such as creating freebies, emailing you list, and so on. 

On the other hand, if you only have your blog to focus on 24/7, with not many other responsibilities; then, depending on where you are on your blogging journey, you should be writing 3 to 4 pieces of great content per week.

If not, then in the beginning, a post a day!

Don’t call me crazy for saying that! Lol. If you’re wondering how many blog posts per day, then that’s crazy!

However, I used that approach a couple of times with my first blog, a post a day for a month each time. My blog traffic doubled after each time I did that!

In fact, this is the 14th consecutive post I’ve written for this blog since starting it less than a month ago! And, I have 10 more post topics already lined up for this month. (That’s on top of the one post a week I’m creating for my more established blog.)

Focused Time for Writing Blog Posts?

I can tell you right now, from experience, that having 24/7 focused time for your blog is not a prerequisite to writing a post everyday!

I’m a work at home, homeschooling mom of three, and am currently breastfeeding my 7 month old while writing this post on my phone, using the google docs app!

However, the amount of time you have to write will depend on which season of life you’re in.

There may be a month or so of you being able to push out content everyday or almost everyday. And then a month or so later when you maybe struggling to get out even a single post.

Trust me, you’re not alone in that either!

Things happen in our lives that drain our energy and suck up our time. Just know that season will pass, and that you can make up for it in a season of life that is more blog focused.

How to know how often to write blog posts as a new blogger

What goes into creating each of your blog posts?

Knowing how much time you have for your blog each week only goes so far for helping you determine how often you should post.

Some posts take a lot more effort and time to create than others.

For example, a diy craft post or recipe post are going to take much longer to create than a simple list post. Same with a 4-5 thousand word ultimate guide.

Think of the research, projects/food, pictures, and so on you’ll need to complete for your posts.

Quality content is always going to beat decent content, especially if you want readers to keep coming back to your blog to read your posts. 

Honestly, it’s better to publish 1 amazing post a week, than be a content creation machine, pumping out a mediocre post or two a day. Even when trying to gain traffic!

Plus, it may not be the content that helps you gain traffic, it may be your promotion strategy or pins.

What is the purpose of your posts?

How often you post should also depend on the purpose of your content.

Is it solely to gain a lot of traffic?

Then you’ll want to publish a post as often as you can without sacrificing quality.

Trying to promote an affiliate or one of your own products?

You won’t need to publish as many posts. 1 post a week with a lot of promotion to that post would be a better strategy.

Need to fill some content holes in your own site?

Three posts per week on average should help with that.

How to know how often to write blog posts as a new blogger

What is your energy like for the topic of your blog?

The amount of time you have, the type of post, and purpose of the post aren’t going to matter if your energy isn’t in it.

By that, I mean if you’re not passionate about it, feeling it, or have some type of excitement towards writing your content; then you’re simply not going to be putting out good quality content and your efforts may be wasted!

The quickest way to build up your content library on your blog and to bring attention to it is by being genuinely excited about your blog topic.

Sure, you might be able to fake it til you make it, but you should be able to enjoy it, as well.

Just because you set work hours for yourself and treat your blog like a business, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it anymore like it’s a hobby!

Some things that might help motivate you with your blog:

  • listening to podcasts (motivational or on your blog topic)
  • Reading a book on your blog topic
  • Watching webinars or trainings
  • Taking a look at your site and imagining the road you want it to take you readers on
  • Reading over your old blog posts or others posts in the same niche

Sometimes you just can’t pour out any more words onto a page until you able to fill yourself up with others words and motivation.

At least that’s how it is for me.

Are you batching tasks?

Batching tasks is the number one reason I’m able to get so much work done while having three little ones home with me 24/7!

If you’re not batching tasks and you’re instead creating one full post all the way through before moving onto the next; you will not be able to post as often as you should. 

Plain and simple!

If you’re unsure how to exactly batch posts, start with batching the tasks below together for 3-5 posts. Meaning, do each task for each post before moving onto the next task.

Each task takes a different type of effort, some may believe even, a different part of our brain.

For example, writing and designing are very creative things, where as SEO and formatting are quite logical tasks. 

Switching from task to task will take more effort than doing the same task over again five times before switching tasks. Which is why batching like tasks together will help save you time and allow you more ability to get the number of posts done each week that you should get done!

How many Posts You Write Depends…

So, the number of posts you write each week, or each month, is going to depend…

It’s going to depend on your time, your energy, what goes into each post, and how you are creating each post.

There’s no right answer.

If you have kids, like I do, then the number of posts you write will change depending on the season of life you’re in. That’s okay.

 It’s not a bad thing if you can only write one post a week for awhile. Sure, you may not grow as fast.

In actuality, one post a week is my ‘maintenance mode’ for my blogs. Whereas 3-7 posts a week is the number I try to write when I want to grow one of my blogs.

Do what you can, what you feel comfortable with.

 Know that the more you write, the better you’ll get writing, and the more chances you’re giving your blog to grow.

Also know, that the less often you post in the beginning, will mean slower growth.

What you choose will never be wrong, it just depends on what you want out of your blog and how fast you want it to happen, or if you’re patient and willing to wait to see great things grow from it.

When it comes to the number of blog posts you write each week, there is no right or wrong answer.

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How to know how often to write blog posts as a new blogger

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