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The Best Practical Gifts for Bloggers in 2020!

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Sometimes, we know exactly what to ask for as a gift; other times we don’t. That’s why I put together a list of the best practical gifts for bloggers. So that you’ll know what to ask for as a gift, to help move your blog and business forward.

Others, who aren’t bloggers, may not understand the passion that goes into blogging, the fact that we love this thing that we can help others with. So, they may not understand why what we want, for say Christmas gifts or other holidays, are resources to help us and our blogs grow.

I guess you could say we’re a bit obsessed with turning nothing into a money making machine!

We’re just a different type of person, generally stubborn in nature and with a strong will to want to succeed.

So, check out the gifts below and feel free to share this list with your blogger, and non blogger friends. Everyone needs gift ideas for the holidays, here is the gifts that bloggers would like!!

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best practical gifts for bloggers

The Best Gift Items for Bloggers

Hosting for WordPress Bloggers


Hosting for my blog was the first Christmas gift for my blog that I was given.

It’s actually what allowed me to start blogging when I literally had NO extra money whatsoever!

So, even if hosting may not be a ‘normal’ gift to give, and can be costly because it generally needs to be paid for at least a year upfront; it’s one of the best gifts a blogger can get, as it enables their blog to stay alive, for at least another year. If one person can’t afford this as a gift, consider having multiple people pitch in for it!

If it’s the first year of blogging, then pricing won’t be so bad, I’d recommend SiteGround, which you can get 1 year for under $100 (including domain name and some security)!

*If you do want blog hosting as a present for just a couple of months, I’d highly recommend Bigscoots, which allows you to do this. And, I know it’s an amazing hosting company with great customer service, because that’s the hosting company I’m currently using!


schedulers, save time, live your life

Us bloggers, we love our schedulers! 

They save us time, give us back our sanity, and prevent us from being consumed by social media 24/7. 

Plus, as mom bloggers, we wouldn’t get much traction for our blog traffic without them; we can’t be attached to our computers or phones all day long. We’re first and foremost moms, and if you don’t have a sitter or nanny to watch your kids, then you simply can’t know you’ll have time during the day to post things on Pinterest or Facebook, or anywhere else for that matter! 

Here are some helpful schedulers you may want to ask for: Tailwind – the best Pinterest scheduler out there! This is the only scheduler I personally use. (Use the link in this post for 1 month free!! And then I’d recommend asking for a year of Tailwind as a gift, which is the way I pay for it for myself; it saves you money in the long run and you don’t have to worry about 1 more monthly expense!) 

Other social media schedulers I’ve heard good things about: 

Like mentioned before, the only scheduler I use is Tailwind, I’ve only heard good things about the other schedulers on the list above, so I can’t personally vouch for them.

Other Blogging Tools

Let’s face it, without tools to help us do our jobs, well, our jobs wouldn’t be very easy or even really possible. So, let’s take a look at some of these other tools that we could ask for as gifts to help lesson our financial burden of growing a business!

Email Service Providers

email service provider

Having someone else give us bloggers the gift of paying for our email service provider is like someone else investing in us, or believing in us. Which is much better than just having someone give us money to use on whatever we feel we want or need.

If you’re a new blogger, the companies I’d recommend are:

There are other email service providers, as well, such as Drip, Aweber, and a new one called Flodesk. But, I’ve used both Convertkit and Mailerlite and know that they have the features that bloggers need.

I currently use Mailerlite, which is free to use up to 1000 subscribers. They recently added a new feature to allow it’s users to set up an automation (sequence) for each form you create within the editing section of the forms. Which makes it much more convenient to nurture each subscriber based on what they specifically signed up for, instead of a generic welcome sequence. (But, you can still do the generic welcome sequence if you’d like!)

So, if you use Mailerlite, this wouldn’t really be a gift until you have over 1000 subscribers, unless you choose their premium plan(where the biggest benefit would be the ability to send emails to subscribers based on their time zone).

Selling Products We Make

If you’re further along in your blogging journey and have started creating products for your audience, then you may need some of the tools below.

Some can be paid annually to reduce the price, which would be a great gift!

Some of these products are:

  • Shopify – a platform to collect payment and send digital products through. I’ve used this platform for products for me other site before, and it’s nice to have.
  • SendOwl – a platform to collect payment and send digital products through.
  • Teachable – a platform to create courses and collect payment. This is the platform I use. (There is a free version, but only allows you to have up to 10 students.)
  • Thinkific – a platform to create courses and collect payment.
  • MyEcoverMaker – a service where you can create professional looking mock-ups to help promote your product.
  • Canva – a program that allows you to design images, whether for your product itself or to help promote it. There is a free version and a paid version.
  • Stock Photos – sometimes free photos can not be used in paid products, or there may not be a free stock photo that matches the feeling you want your product to give your customers. This would be where paid stock photos come in to play!

*If you’d rather a platform for collecting payment and sending digital products to customers, without a monthly fee. Then I’d recommend Gumroad. Instead of a monthly fee, you only pay a percentage for each sale you make. You can also create discounts and have affiliates, too; which were some features that were missing on the lowest plan with Shopify.

Bundles of Blogging Resources

Throughout the year, you may see bundles of blogging resources selling for really cheap.

The most popular ones that I know of and have been going on for a few years are The Genius Bloggers Toolkit and The BC Stack. I’ve bought both in the past, and I will always buy The Genius Bloggers Toolkit! There are some super exciting resources in it this year! Being an affiliate, I may get early access, and may have already gone through a course or two – so worth the investment!

With these bundles only being available for a short time out of the year, you may not think of them as being good gifts for Christmas.

However, they make amazing gifts, and at a great price, too!

Simply ask for an early Christmas present (it’s usually on sale in the Fall), but I guarantee you will still be going through it when Christmas rolls around!

Send this link to whoever wouldn’t mind buying you a blogging gift here, when on sale: The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2019


There are so many different types of Ebooks that us bloggers enjoy; from self improvement, blogging strategies, productivity, and so much more!

Here are some of my favorite ebooks, as a blogger:

  • Pin Signals – This book is mostly about how Pinterest works and how you can use keywords to your advantage and will change the way you think about Pinterest.
  • The 12 Week Year – If you’re struggling to accomplish your goal or stay productive, then ask for this book for Christmas, you’ll thank yourself later!


The same goes for courses. Here are the ones that have helped me grow my healthy mom blog:

  • Pinteresting Strategies – This was the first Pinterest book I read and was the first resource that actually helped me grow my traffic. Since the first time I’ve read it, Carly (the blogger who created it), has turned the book into a course and has made it even more useful!
  • Caroline’s Holiday Bootcamp – This was the second resource that helped me grow my blog traffic! If you can get into it when she offers it live, it will do SOO much to help you out, as long as you do the work. This would be a great holiday gift, but you’ll want to take it about 3-5 months before the holidays the following year, as well!
  • Pinterest Launch Plan – This was the third resource that helped me grow my blog traffic, once again! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced blogger; I’m sure they’ll be something in this course that you’ll find useful (she calls it an ebook, but it’s on a course website and she has videos that go along with it)!

Cute Office Supplies for Moms Who Work at Home (AKA Blogger Gifts for Her)

Sometimes, as a blogger, you may actually want physical items, such as items to help you stay organized or simply things that make you happy!

These would be the ‘normal’ type of gifts to ask for for Christmas.

You know, like cute office supplies, mugs, water bottles, and more to keep in your home office (whether it’s an actual office, or simply a favorite seat on your couch!).


This is the planner I personally have and would recommend to any woman, not just bloggers! This would be a great gift to ask for, it’s pricey enough to be a nice gift, but not too much that others wouldn’t consider gifting it to you.

Desk Organizers

I don’t know about you, but when my work space is clear I feel organized and able to focus better. Even if I’m working from my couch, if my desk isn’t cluttered with everything everywhere, I work better!

If you’re the same way, click the image to check out all the neat organizers Amazon has to offer!

A Nice Mug

ultimate bundles coffee mug
ultimate bundles coffee mug

Ultimate Bundles finally came out with their own product line and I’m completely in love with it. I even bought myself a mug from them for myself for Christmas!

The one I bought, and absolutely love, and am currently drinking out of right this moment says “coffee </strong>” on it!

Drinking out of that mug, along with wearing my caffeine molecule necklace; I just feel more myself!

Don’t worry, there are other mugs and shirts that aren’t as nerdy that they sell!

Water Bottle

Do It Scared Shirt   

Sometimes it’s nice to have something to wear that shows you are a blogger. The #doitscared movement was started by Ruth, the creator of the Elite Blog Academy and is a very successful blogger, herself!

Ring Light

They say video is the future of blogging. Plus, any light would be considered great gifts for food bloggers, and other bloggers, as well!

As an introvert I’m not a fan of this, but understand why it is this way. You can connect better with your audience on video.

So, I don’t personally have a ring light, yet, but watching others use one, I know how useful they could be! Click the link above to choose the one you like best, to ask for.


(for music if you enjoy listening to music while you work)


Comes in handy if you’re trying to listen to podcasts or a course, especially while caring for kids. It’s not as easy for them to yank out of your ears!

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Practical Gifts for Bloggers are Practically Unlimited!

Just like with almost everyone else, there are almost an infinite amount of gift ideas for bloggers; from digital to physical products, maintaining or growing your blog to helping you be happy in your own work space.

What you ask for is up to you, but the gifts above would be true gifts for any blogger at any stage.

And, yes, I’ve barely scratched the surface above (I didn’t even get into asking for a camera or computer as a present), but there is something above, that I’m sure you would love to receive as a holiday gift!

Feel free to share this post and put in the comments what you would like for gifts as a blogger!


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best practical gifts for bloggers

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