best blog hosting site for beginners

The Best Blog Hosting Site For Beginners Who Want to Make a Profit

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In this post you will learn the the best blog hosting site for beginners who want to make a profit blogging is, along with the one you should avoid, even though it is highly promoted by other bloggers.

I have used three blog hosting companies since I started blogging.

And, I will put my two cents in here, because this is my blog and I don’t want you to suffer and stress like I did.

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I started with Bluehost (<– notice, no affiliate link). This hosting company was recommended by a much more successful blogger that I trusted, so I thought it’d be all good.

I was wrong, apparently they have a really great paying affiliate program. So, some bloggers who blog about blogging are eager to promote it to get the commission on it. But, it’s not the best blog hosting site you can get, not even close!

What happened to me isn’t even all that bad compared to the horror stories I’ve heard in Facebook groups about them, either. But, to start off, their customer service isn’t that great. Especially, the online chat support.

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best blog hosting site for beginners

Now, I’ve worked in call centers and customer service before, and I’ve heard horror stories of what some of the online chat representatives from the companies I’ve worked for had promised to customers.

So, I go into the online chat support knowing that I have at least  50% chance of getting a representative who has no idea what they’re talking about. Which is why when I have a really important issue, I’ll go into the chat 2 to 3 times, just to see if I’m getting consistent answers, or if the info I receive conflicts with each other.

I went into an online chat to take care of my renewal coming up, apparently there was a renewal for a few things (who knows what?) that had to be paid 9 months into my year agreement with them.

Why 9 months in, who knows?

I wanted to pay for some of the items that needed to be renewed, but wanted to cancel another line item. I did this about a month before I needed to, so I could cancel the one item and nothing would automatically go through my bank.

Well, the manual payment went through fine. Large companies never seem to have a problem when taking money.

But, a month later they charged me for the one thing I had cancelled.

Now, I not only cancelled it a month prior; but also went into chat after I cancelled it that day to make sure it was cancelled. Then, I had to go into chat for a tech question a week later, and triple checked to make sure the item was cancelled, just to be sure…

Can you guess what happened next?

Yep, I was charged for the ‘cancelled’ line item.

It over drafted my bank account, since it was a bank account I rarely use and don’t keep money in it unless I know they’ll be an expense; like the car loan I have through the bank. Which couldn’t go through when it was due the day after the renewal for the cancelled line item. Because of Bluehosts customer service reps mistakes!

I was furious. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them, trying to get them to cancel the payment or refund my account. They told me that they could refund the money, but it would take 5-7 business days. Then they told it would take 2-3 days. I don’t think they really knew, because it’s usually up to the specific bank, anyways.

Other than horrible customer service, they also have a few technical issues; like having your site not work for a day or so at a time, simply because it’s down. And then, it feels like you have to fight with customer service to get it back up and running again. (Because it’s apparently not their fault that your site is down, and they try to blame it on anything else.)

So, do yourself a favor, and don’t go with Bluehost.

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Now, you’re probably wondering…

What’s the best blog hosting site?

To be honest, there may be a few different amazing blog hosting companies out there.

But, if you’re just starting out, looking for hosting in the same price range as Bluehost; you’ll want to check out Siteground.

And, this is why…

Siteground has…

Better Hosting Plan Choices

They have different plans, depending on the size of your traffic, number of websites you want, and a few other things.

When you go to Sitegrounds website you’ll want to first choose the plan for the platform, then the plan based on the amount of traffic you have (or plan to soon have) or on the number of websites you’ll be running.

Here’s a step by step guide for how to get everything set up in post form

Here’s a step by step guide for how to get everything set up in bite sized chunks each day through my email course

Both step by step guides also include how to set up your email with your blogs url in it! Which I know is one thing many new bloggers struggle to do. These also reflect the new system SiteGround is currently upgrading to!

You can always choose the smallest plan, and then upgrade when needed, to save yourself some money. That’s what I did, and the transition was super smooth!

I started with their lowest plan, and after taking this course, I had to upgrade to their GrowBig plan because my traffic kept increasing! And, after taking this course, I was really in need of upgrading to their highest plan!

Note: I’m now currently with Bigscoots for pageview reasons!! Bigscoots is amazing, just like Siteground, but does not have promotional pricing for new users. So, I’d still recommend Siteground hosting when just starting out.

Better Customer Service (including Amazing Online Chat Reps)

Siteground also has amazing customer service. It’s like they actually care! Which is very rare to find in customer service representatives nowadays.

The last time I used their online chat support, which was to renew my hosting for last year using my PayPal account, they also showed a short bio for the representative you’re chatting with. It’s something unique that makes the experience just that much better!

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Better Quality Blog Hosting Over All!

And, although their prices are comparable to Bluehost, their hosting quality is much better.

Since I switched to them, I haven’t had a single instance where my site was down!

Another awesome thing about Sitegrounds hosting is that it’s helped with my site’s loading speed; which is super important for bloggers. Especially when you’re still getting the most of your traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Pinterest users aren’t going to wait 10 or 20 seconds for a page to load; not to just to read a single post. They’re just not that patient.

And, I can’t blame them, I’m the same way.

One of the courses I invested in a few months after switching to Siteground, a course I’m still working my way through, required us to get feedback on our blogs towards the beginning of the course. One of the things that many of the other bloggers mentioned when giving feedback for my site was how quickly my site loaded!

Don’t Trap Yourself in with a Bad Host; Go With The Best Blog Host for Beginners, Instead!

Do yourself a favor and choose a blog host that actually cares about their customers!

Don’t get yourself locked into a three year, non-refundable, hosting plan with a hosting company with horrible customer service, simply because a super successful blogger told you to; while they’re off using a completely different hosting company for their own blog!

I was very hesitant committing to anything longer than a year long plan with Siteground; simply because of my bad experience with Bluehost. If I were to go back, with the knowledge and experience I have now; I would have chosen the 3 year plan with Siteground right off the bat. Because, like most hosting companies, they have special promotion prices for new customers.

If you’ve had a bad experience with another host, or aren’t sure that blogging is for you and you just want to try it out; then opt for the year, just know you’d save more money with a longer plan.

And, know that I’m not the only one who truly trusts Siteground, used them, and highly recommends them. I’m sure if you ask in any blogger Facebook groups; there’ll be many bloggers who will tell you how great their hosting is, especially those of us who were wronged by Bluehost.

You can check out Sitegrounds plans by clicking here! And, feel free to ask their online chat any questions you have before choosing to go with them; they’re super friendly!

Now that you know which hosting company you should go with, learn how to start a blog here!

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best blog hosting site for beginners

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