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Step Up Your PINTEREST Game!!

Pinterest is the fastest way to gain traffic to your blog…

but you need to know how to use Pinterest, optimize your account, and have a strategy that makes sense for your account…

That’s where I come in!!

Check out the services below to find the right fit to help you level up your Pinterest game this year!!

Complete Pinterest Audit + Next Steps

  • PDF Report
    • audit results
    • next steps
  • Audit includes:
    • bio
    • boards
    • pins
    • etc.
  • Next Steps could include:
    • optimizing
    • strategy
    • something else unique to your account
  • + access to me via email for 2 weeks after audit for additional questions or concerns


Pinterest Setup

  • Convert Personal account to Business (Or create new)
  • Claim Your Website and Enable Rich Pins
  • Create keyworded bio
  • Create 10 keyworded boards with descriptions
  • Pin or Schedule in Tailwind- 40 pins to each board
  • Follow 50 pinners in niche
  • Apply to 5 niche group boards
  • Create 5 on brand pin designs with keyworded descriptions
  • Set up Tailwind- connect account, set up optimized schedule, request to join 2 niche group boards, etc. (extra fee of $49)
  • + access to me via email for 2 weeks after setup for additional questions or concerns


Pinterest Board Make Over

  • Check board title for keywords (or suggest new/update)
  • Write/Rewrite keyword rich descriptions for each board
  • Determine if boards should be split up into more niche boards
  • Or, create new niche boards

$25 per 10 boards for just titles & descriptions in spreadsheet

$50 per 10 boards for updating your boards inside your account

$25 additional for pinning 30 on topic pins to each board (via Tailwind or directly on Pinterest*)

Quick Pinterest Audit + Guide

  • Review overall profile
  • Review board titles & descriptions (5)
  • Review pins (5)
  • List of changes to make to optimize your Pinterest account & where to find more details on how to optimize it inside of guide
  • Copy of Pinterest Guide for Beginners– Coming soon!!


Sarah Lango from
“Shawna exceeded my expectations! It was obvious she has done her homework and is very knowledgeable. She was able to look at my accounts and quickly tell me some changes that could be made, as well as giving me a step by step game plan to get my pinterest account up to par.
Before utilizing Shawna’s service, I felt stuck, not knowing what to do next- BUT she changed that for me!”‚Äč

diy pinterest

Or, maybe you like to DIY and would rather invest in a short ebook or course that teaches you how to do it yourself…

…or you just need more pin templates to keep feeding the Pinterest Monster!!

I get it, Pinterest is REALLY REALLY hard in the beginning, especially if you’re new to the platform or new to marketing your business or content.

It took me a full year trying to learn Pinterest before I had any idea what I was doing. AND, I mean ANY idea!!

I’m so thankful to the bloggers who came before me and wrote ebooks and created courses on how Pinterest works. Without them, I would have probably stumbled around Pinterest for another year. They helped me get started.

However, Pinterest is ever-changing, it doesn’t stop evolving.

When was the last time you went in a blogging Facebook group and someone wasn’t freaking out about a ‘Pinterest algorithm change’?

It seems like someone, somewhere, is always going to be freaking out about Pinterest changing on them.

However, there are a few things about Pinterest that won’t ever change.

ONE is that you need to understand how to do keyword research. I teach this above, in the customized services, but you’ll also find resources below that teach this.

TWO is that Pinterest is going to love you for posting more NEW content as often as possible. This means new content, but it also means new pins.

Pin design isn’t always easy, it can be time consuming to create many different pins over and over again for all of your posts. Which is why having editable pin templates is so great!

This is why I chose to set up my own pin templates for sale. So you can save time, effort, and still have plenty of new designs to feed to Pinterest!

Pinterest Guide for Beginners

Coming Soon!!!

Pin Templates

21 Pin Templates Ready to Customize in Canva to increase your Click Through Rate!!

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